I recently graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology. I have been involved in the Couples and Sexual Health Lab since the fall of 2013, in a number of capacities. First I was a volunteer assisting with various tasks, and then I completed my honours thesis under the supervision of Dr. Rosen and Kate Rancourt. My thesis ‘Please Don’t Touch Me Like That: Responses of Women with and without Sexual Problems to Partner Touch in Romantic Relationships’ examined the emotional and physical responses of women to partner touch while in romantic relationships. I am currently a research assistant in the lab, assisting primarily in the ‘We Need to Talk: The Influence of Disclosure of Sexual Problems on Sexual and Relationship Well-Being’ study, and providing participant support for the ‘Daily Goals in Couples with Vulvodynia’ study. My research interests are mainly in human sexuality and its relation to theories of feminism. My interests outside of academia include the craft beer industry, environmentalism, and food ethics.

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