Exam Description

What will happen during my visit? What is the exam like?


You will meet the research assistant at your appointed time, and she will give you some information about the visit. She will then escort you to the exam room, introduce you to Dr. Pierce, and return to the waiting area.

Dr. Pierce may begin the exam with a brief interview about past medical history. She will draw the curtain to give you privacy, and ask you to remove the bottom half of your clothing, lay on the exam table with your head on the headrest, and cover your lower half with the paper sheet provided.

When you are ready, she will begin the exam. The exam involves an examination of the interior of your vagina as well as an external examination of the uterus. Next, using a dry cotton swab, she will apply a small amount of pressure to specific points at the entrance of your vagina and will ask you to rate the pain you feel at each site. At this point, Dr. Pierce will draw the curtain again and you can get dressed. There is a rest room down the hall that you can use afterwards if you wish.

Dr. Pierce may note some physical findings during the exam. If so, she may recommend that you discuss the findings with your family physician, and may give you some recommendations about what to discuss with them specifically. If you have any questions for her at this time, you are welcome to ask.

When you leave the exam room, you will leave through another exit to prevent crossover with any other participants in the waiting room, but you are welcome to knock on the waiting room door if you have any questions. The research assistant will step out of the room to speak with you. You are also welcome to leave immediately if you have no questions. We will send you the thank-you Amazon gift card early the following week via email.

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