I am a Clinical Psychology PhD student. I was born in Wroclaw Poland, but grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I completed my undergraduate degree at Dalhousie University and graduated with Honours in Psychology and a Forensic Psychology Certificate. Prior to entering graduate school, I was a research coordinator for Dr. Natalie Rosen (Jan 2010-September 2012) and this is when my interest in the sexual health field flourished. I have been a part of the Couples and Sexual Health Laboratory since September 2012. I am interested in female sexual pain disorders; more specifically in how various psychological and interpersonal variables impact pain intensity and sexual and relationship functioning. My first comprehensive project assessed the relationship between fear avoidance variables (catastrophizing, hypervigilance, anxiety, and fear of pain) and genito-pelvic pain after childbirth. My dissertation will be a daily experience study examining the interpersonal predictors of pain and functioning in women who suffer from Provoked Vestibulodynia and their partners. I hope that my research will help health professionals develop more efficient interventions for couples in which women experience pain during intercourse.

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