Finding our Lab

We are located in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, within the Life Sciences Centre at Dalhousie University’s Studley Campus, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Our street address is 1355 Oxford Street, Life Sciences Centre, Dalhousie University.

However, the Psychology and Neuroscience Department is located in the wing closest to Alumni Crescent and South Street (see interactive map and photos below).


The Door to the Psychology Department


The door to our laboratory is located directly across from Wickwire Field on Alumni Crescent, which is off of South Street.

If you are driving, this is a one-way street that you enter via the eastern end (closer to Lemarchant St. than Oxford St.). We are located at the north-west corner, in the last building on your right when moving through the crescent.

(If you are unable to navigate steps, please notify us before your appointment with us and we will meet you at a door nearby the one below that will better accommodate your needs.)


This photo is a panorama of the location. Click the image to enlarge.



The corner of the building in which the door to the Psychology Department can be found

This photo shows where our door is located if you are standing on the far end of Alumni Crescent (the end closest to the DalPlex). Our door is located down the ramp or a short flight of stairs. The Henry Hicks Academic Building and Wickwire Field are to the right of you.


Door to Psychology Department at the Life Science Centre, Dalhousie University

The purple arrow points to the door we will meet you at. South Street is to the far left, Wickwire field is behind you, and the Henry Hicks Academic Building is to the right of you.



Several Metro Transit bus routes run nearby the Life Science Centre including routes 1, 7, 10, 14, 17, 18, 41, 42, and 90. You can find exact locations of stops and routes near our location using the interactive GoogleMap above.


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